Monday, February 25, 2008

marketing own Ebay business

Cross-promoting between own products

Optimize Your eBay Store here

Make an RSS feed available from your storefront:
1. Go to your store front and click on "Seller, manage Store."
2. Under "Store Marketing" on the left, click on "Listing Feeds."
3. Under "RSS Feeds," select "Distribute your listings via RSS." and click on the "Apply" button.
4. An button will now be located at the bottom of your storefront for others to subscribe to.

Online and Ebay Store promotion:


FREE logo and button makers:
Birddogs Garage eBay Store Logo Creator
GRSites TomaWeb Free Button Generator
Adam Kalsey Button Maker
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Join FREE eBay Stores Malls:
Avid Cat presents Shopper's Paradise:
The New Tozo's Mall -

Join an eBay specific Site/WebRing:
The eBay Friend's SiteRing -
TEAM The eBay About Me WebRing -
The eBay Stores Sidewalk Sale SiteRing -

Join a Site/WebRing that is related to the stuff you sell, there are tons! There are several different ring systems you can check such as:
alt-webring Ring list
Bravenet Site Ring Index
Ringlink Webring Directory (rings hosted by Ringlink)
Ringlink Systems Directory (systems using the Ringlink software)
RingSurf Rings Directory
The Rail Trains

Do you have a blog? Do you have a link from your blog to your eBay store? A blog doesn't have to be about your eBay store to drive traffic to it.

Do you use discussion boards off eBay? Include a discreet link to your eBay store in your signature. Be sure to follow the discussion boards posting guidelines.

Include a link to your eBay store in your e-mail signature. Some providers are a little restrictive about what links you can use. If in doubt, check with your provider.

Use logo items to promote your eBay store: Wear a shirt or carry a tote bag with your eBay store name on it. These can be purchased on eBay in many cases!

Get a bumper sticker or license plate frame made with your eBay store name. If you don't want adhesives, consider a window cling that requires no adhesive. (Make sure that your state allows stuff on your car windows.)

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